Fixed Gear Mountain Ride

3 crazy foreigners thought it would be cool to ride up Xiang Shan on fixed gear. Xiang Shan is the Chinese for the Fragrant Hills West of Beijing.

Fixed Gear Foreigners

James, Brad and me had a delayed start but that was okay as it was anyway a very hot day. We headed West for the mountains which we could see from the city as it was a nice clear day.

Heading to Fragrant Hills on Fixies

When we reached the foot of the hill we needed to ask various wise people on the road side where to continue. We got a lot of the „can’t ride up the hill“ answers. We eventually found a nice road.

Cycling up Xiang Shan

It was not for long at all when it suddenly turned out to be too steep to ride up on the fixed gear ratio each of us had.

Pushing and carrying bikes uphill

After a long walk with our bikes, there was actually a 1km section which we were able to ride again. Reaching one of the summits we enjoyed the breathtaking view. For more pictures go to my webalbum

View from one of the summits of Fragrant Hills

Fixed Gear Bikes on top of Xiang Shan

To our surprise the road was actually too steep to ride down. And that is even for us having a front brake on our fixed gear bikes. And even more, the bikes were pulling so much down the steep hill that it was actually less tiring to just carry them down. But is was fun!

Downhill Bike Carrying

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