Road Bike to Fixed Gear Conversion Finished

Late but better than never we finished Ian’s conversion. He used an old steel 10 speed 700c road bike frame, grinded down all the paint, grinded off the cable holders, spray painted the frame with a transparent finish, decided on his color combination and then bought the heaviest seat post I have ever seen. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the bike before – Especially as it had been locked to my other bike and I could not find the key so we started taking the bike apart while it was still locked to that second bike… Christ (professional Beijing BMX flatland rider and fixie rider) helped most on this long and tiring project. Big thanks to him! This is the beautiful result:

Fixed Gear Conversion

The rim in the back is a reflective Deep-V from Velocity. I took a picture using the flash – Look at the amazing result:

Fixed Gear Conversion Reflective Deep-Vs

2 Responses to “Road Bike to Fixed Gear Conversion Finished”

  1. james sagt:

    that’s come out really nicely! well impressed. i’m going to be bugging you with questions when i do a conversion this summer, i hope you’re prepared for that 😉