Tianjin TV – Eco Hero 绿色英雄

Tianjin TV a filming series on environmental topics called „Eco Hero“ (绿色英雄). This green program will soon start being broadcasted every day from 6:20pm to 6:30pm. Today they were filming an episode on riding bikes as a small thing you can do to be more environmentally friendly. So they asked me to come to Tianjin and ride my pink track bike.

Bike Riding Promotion to help Save the Planet

And I also rode the unicycle of the TV host Kathy. We had such great weather!

Commuting by Unicycle

It is great that some of the mid-aged to elderly Chinese people really get into cycling. Like in Beijing or any other bigger city also Tianjin has such a cycling club. Some of the members rode their bikes to Lhasa in 2006. Others rode all over Sichuan and Yunnan. Some members are in their 70s and even 80s.

Tianjin Cycling Club

Other foreigners invited to this event today were Anna Sophie from Sexy Beijing TV as well as Chelsey or better known as Mai Xiaolong who is a TV host himself.

Cyclist Ladies and Mai Xiaolong

It was great again to take the train from Beijing to Tianjin – speeding at 330km/h. This time I cycled in Beijing from my home to the Beijing South train station. It amazes me how places always seem much closer when I ride my bike to them. Last time it seemed to take forever to get to that train station by taxi. When I got back to Beijing today I met a Chinese cyclist friend Kevin and we went to meet the owner of the Pass By bar. He had cycled to Lhasa many times and gave advice to Kevin who will head out on Saturday. I wish him a safe journey.

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