European Juggling Convention 2009

So many jugglers everywhere. It is really nice. I like the outdoor grass area where people just juggle. Everybody in their own style:

Juggler at EJC 2009

Contact Juggling at EJC 2009

There was also a volley“ball“ field and people were playing volley-juggling. That is just like volleyball, but you play two against two, everybody with 2 clubs, the person serving has 3 clubs. That is fun to watch:

Volley-Juggling at EJC 2009

There were also many free workshops for various skills like partner acrobatics, handstands, vertical trapeze, Chinese pole, Russian board:

Handstand Workshop at EJC 2009

Russian Board at EJC 2009

I participated in the slack rope workshop. That is a slack version of the slack line. I think it is more fun than slack line.

Slack Line Workshop at EJC 2009

There was also a unicycle trial area with rocks and boulders to jump onto. Here are some unicyclists that gathered at the main square of the EJC area.

Unicycles at EJC 2009

There were always some public performances going on, especially the street performer style.

Public Performance at EJC 2009

Aerial Performance at EJC 2009

And finally after some hours of searching I finally found him! My friend Oli from Beijing who used to come to the Beijing Jugglers workshop and amaze everybody with his skills. I knew he was at the EJC 2009 but without a mobile phone nor internet and everybody camping it was hard to get in contact with him. I thought I might see him somewhere as he is tall. But thenĀ  realized that actually a lot European jugglers are tall.

Oli Pinchbeck

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