EJC 2009 Gran Gala Event

So this is why I am here in Spain: The main Gala Show of the European Juggling Convention 2009. Today I first had my own private rehearsal time on stage, then we had the complete run through the show and after that 2 shows with full halls. It was a very long and intense day.

In Vitoria there is a special festival at which they have a puppet go from one tower in the city via a wire to the next tower. As we are at a juggling and unicycling convention they had that puppet made out of balloons and made him riding a unicycling and juggling balls.

Vitoria Unicycling Puppet for EJC 2009

Also the tower was made out of balloons. At the beginning of each show they had this puppet fly over the audience from the city tower to the stage.

Vitoria Gasteiz Gala Show EJC 2009

For both shows the huge Mendizorrotza hall was full

Vitoria Mendizorrotza SJC 2009 Gran Gala

The European Juggling Convention 2009 Gran Gala Show consisted of the following performing artists:

Jens Sigsgaard and his modern body beat and contact juggling

Jens Sigsgaard

Florent Lestage and his modern double devil stick performance

Florent Lestage Devil Stick

Jeanine Ebnoether and her modern beautiful body rolling contact juggling choreography. It was nice to have another woman perform in the show. And she did it so elegantly and smooth it was a pleasure to watch.

Jeanine Ebnoether Body Rolling

Jeanine Ebnoether Body Rolling

Jeanine Ebnoether Body Rolling

Kagu is a child juggling balls

Ball Juggler Kagu

Matias did a modern dance with a single wheel similar to the German wheel (Rhoenrad)

Matias Wheel Performance

Matias Wheel Performance

Mikel did contact juggling with clubs

Mikel Club Contact

Duo DeFracto did a great modern, minimalistic and funny ball choreography. It was so well timed and performed.

Duo DeFracto Show

Sergey Junior (looking now much older than the pictures on his website) is a 4th generation circus artist juggling rings and flying objects

Sergey Junior Juggling

Grisha Lovygin had a well choreographed ball juggling show but unfortunately I do not have a picture of him

And yes, I was part of the program with my trick bike show. It was nice to perform on such a huge stage with so many famous performers in front of a very knowledgeable audience that appreciated my skills, went mad and then into standing ovations. It was an extraordinary feeling! Here is a picture of my performance at EJC 2009 Gala Show taken from the photos.albapasser.de website (thank you for the picture):

Ines Trick Bike Show at EJC 2009

I am waiting to see a video of the show. I hope the organization team will put one together. And our MC for the show was Loco Brusca

Loco Brusca

And this was the artists green room where we had baguette and cheese. Everybody was exhausted but satisfied after the show.

Performing Artists Green Room


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