Cycling Huairou to Yanqing

The Beijing Peloton had a nice long ride for today. Specifics of the Huairou – Yanqing Passage Ride for the fast group (A riders):
Total distance: 113km
Total climbing: 4 climbs

We started in Huairou just north of Beijing. We rode north towards Queenstown (note: the name was given by Tom Lanhove a long time ago) and over the Queenstown Pass. That first climb was tough because the whole group was going at full speed and was really exhausted at the summit.

Cycling from Huairou up to Queenstown

The second pass we all took it more easy and most people riding at their own pace. There were hardly any cars on this beautiful mountain road. But we did need to stop to buy water in a front yard in a village we rode through on the way down.

Road Bike in Village Front Yard

Mountains in the Background

In the above picture you see the mountains that were were heading for. The best picture of this front yard is the following one with our club leader Tom Lanhove and his road bike:

Tom Lanhove and his Road Bike

We then turned towards the West at the main junction and rode over Dongbei Kou Pass. This was the toughest climb of the day. It was agreat feeling to arrive at the top at about 1050m above sea level.

Beijing Peloton Arrives at the Dongbei Kou Pass

Then we kept following the main road towards Yanqing as we gradually ride downwards past Yongnin. That was over 40km with a slight climb and otherwise making the impression of a false flat. But as most of the roads in Beijing province there are always trees on both sides of the road. Like here.

Beijing Countryside Alley

Really Dark Beijing Countryside Alley

At the finish point about 5km outside of Yanqing Town we had to wait for all our cyclists to get back. We had riders doing the shorter B and C rides. And one of the mini vans had problems finding the meeting point.

The Beijing Peloton Waiting for the last Cyclists

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