Tianjin to Beijing

Today I had friends from Tianjin show up at the shop. And you know what? They cycled here. That is a 130km distance. They posted some pictures that Xu took on their way on a Chinese website. I took those photos for this blog entry.

Mike and Baihua seemed to have been very energetic at the beginning of the ride.

Tianjin to Beijing Bike Ride

My friend Baihua was on the Radio Beijing and Mengniu Green Cycling event last year together with me. It was nice to see him again after such a long time. He was cycling on an old nice road bike frame with single speed.

Baihua on the Way from Tianjin to Beijing

Mike and Xu were riding their fixed gear bikes with no brakes: The white one and the nice orange & blue one.

Fixed Gear Bikes in Beijing

Mike was quite exhausted when he arrived at my shop. This was his longest ride. He later packed his bike into his travel bag and took the super fast train back that only takes 30 minutes. But Baihua and Xu cycled back to Tianjin and arrived after midnight.

Mike after the Long Ride

That evening Fede took care of the wooden floor that had moved and made big waves already some weeks ago. The water we had inside did not make the floor better. It is amazing that a company that sells only wooden floors and comes and installs it does not leave any gap towards the walls. We sure decided not to call that company to fix it (if they cannot do it right when they do the floor the first time we had no confidence they will get it right now). So Fede started cutting the floor panels and making a lot of smoke. It was so stinky that I had to wear my anti-pollution mask to prevent me from suffocating.

Ines Wearing Anti-Pollution Mask Indoor

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