Fixed Gear in China

The enoVatechina site claims that fixed gear bikes have hit large Chinese cities. I think so too! Especially in Beijing. They put the poster (that was designed by James Pearson designed) of our China Fixed Gear Bike Event that we held in June in Beijing into their blog post. It is great to see it floating around the world on so many sites.

The brainstorming map of Beijing that James, Brad and I drew before that fixed gear event is still on the white board. It shows Beijing with some major streets and then crosses of places that we suggested as the check points for the first Beijing Alleycat. Fede thinks it shows locations of banks that we could dig tunnels to. So here I find Fede investigating a hole in the wall behind the air conditioner. But it is still quite far to any bank ;-P

Investigating a hole in the Wall

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