Queenstown – Huairou Peloton Loop

The road bike ride today started at Huairou at about 50m elevation. The ten „A“ riders cycled along the small valley northwards to the Jiao Je He Pass at 550m.

Cycling Huairou to Jiaojehe Pass

After that pass we continued on to the Queenstown pass at 900m altitude. It is a intriguing climb because in between it gives the impression you are already at the top, but you are not and it is still quite far. Here are the guys at the summit – all sweaty and wet due to the humid weather.

Cyclists Arrived at the Queenstown Pass

On the way down we stopped in a village with yard marked with a huge „商店“ (shang dian = store)  sign to refill our water bottles. A Chinese cyclist on a touring bike stopped and said hi. It is still rather unusual to see real Chinese cyclists with cycling clothes and helmet. He said he is from Huairou and he rides every weekend. Very nice guy and packed as if he was on the road for one week.

Chinese Cyclist on a Day Tour

The next climb was along the national road up to the Yun Gu Shan with the pass at about 700m. The total uphill riding that we did today was 1466 meters with an average gradient of 2% and a maximum of 9%. Here two pictures just after that last summit. Yun Gu Shan Decent

Cyclists after reaching the Yun Gu Shan Summit

The average velocity of the A riders I was riding with was 28.5km/h. My average pedal revolution was only 69/minute. There are nice graphs of the elevation of this loop on the Cyclo Sports China website.

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