Fixed Gear Meet-Up

Fede is getting better at whipping. The old Chinese guys showing him how to whip are in the back of this picture watching Fede whip the top. That is the big wooden thing spinning in the bottom left corner of this picture. But he still needs to practice to reach the old Chinese guys‘ level.

Fede Whipping the Top

The bike race for this evening was canceled. So I went to meet the Chinese Beijing Fixed Gear bike riders for a meet-up. We went to the an open space with lights and practiced some tricks there. Like backwards riding and wheelies. Some new guys were trying the skidding and track stands. GMing tried the surfing. I think he will learn it soon. He gave me a present that he found online. It is an iron on badge and it looks like this:

Proud German Biker Badge

I think I will actually put it on my messenger bag.

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