Marathon Runner

This morning I received a spontaneous call at about 7:40 a.m. from a person that said he knows me and is waiting in front of my door. I was already up but just about to shower. He had participated in the Green Olympics event last year and that was where we had met. He is from Shandong province and cycled to Beijing last year, the event where I also had long distance cycled back to Beijing. He actual does a lot of marathons. He already participated in about 40. He is looking forward to doing more overseas ones. Currently he is on his way to Lhasa for his next marathon. He came to Beijing to board the train to Lhasa tonight. I wish him good luck for the marathon!

The Cyclist and the Marathon Guy

This evening while riding back home at full speed my bike handlebar got hooked into a strap of a handbag of a woman walking on the bike lane which made me fall. I am looking forward to soon importing cool urban bike helmets for the Natooke shop. Then I will start riding with a bike helmet in Beijing daily life.

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