Beijing Fixed Gear Get Together

Our Beijing Fixed Gear group is growing. Every week we have someone new – either as a visitor or as a resident. Today we had a new fixed gear rider from Japan who now lives in Beijing. It was his first time to ride his nice Japanese fixie in Beijing’s messy streets at night. We went to the Worker’s Stadium to play around even though there was something going on and there were buses parked everywhere. It was probably some preparation event for the upcoming 60th anniversary of China. But we still found a spot to hang out.

Beijing Fixed Gear Bike Hang Out

JMing and the Mess guys did some photo shoot for new cool Adidas shoes. And as fixed gear bikes are cool they took the pictures of the guys on their bikes.

Adidas Shoe Photo Shoot for New Collection with Fixed Gear Bikes

2 Responses to “Beijing Fixed Gear Get Together”

  1. Adidasi sagt:

    cool colorfull bikes in the 1 st picture,they had great time.