Last Juggling for 3 Weeks in Beijing

Today was the last day before Fede will go to Africa. And I am going to go to Europe in 3 days. So this was the last Beijing Jugglers Group meet-up until September 23rd.

Fede Saying Goodbye

But also for some other jugglers it was the last time with us in Beijing. Like our multi-talented Joe that had just spent 4 hard weeks at the Chinese National Circus School in the South of Beijing to increase his acrobatics, staff juggling and 5 ball juggling skills. He was in Beijing for almost 1 year and now had to go back to the USA to continue his studies.

Joe Juggling Five Balls in Beijing Juggling Group

It was a sad juggling evening. But in 3 weeks we will start again.

Beijing Jugglers Saying Goodbye

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