Bike Parking and Bike Repair

I do like that some – but unfortunately not many – building complexes have underground guarded free bicycle parking lots. Like this one on the East side of Beijing.

Beijing Bike Parking Lot

And I also love all the bike repair stations all over Beijing city. I hope they do not go out of business (like the guy with the white cap in the below picture) with the decreasing number of cyclists seen in Beijing. If everybody would just cycle one day more that would help. So for those not cycling at all: Get on out and try to bicycle in Beijing. Maybe that would help the car drivers to realize how it feels as a cyclist to get cut of by a car and maybe it would improve the driving skills.

Bicycle Repair Stand in Beijing

Here is just a picture of the shop-to-be across of mine. The work is progressing.

New Shop in Hutong

3 Responses to “Bike Parking and Bike Repair”

  1. Ines sagt:

    Come to the Natooke bike shop anytime, just text me to let me know when so that I am really there.
    I hope we will have some fixed gear rides during this holiday. I will sure let you know.


  2. Peter Carney sagt:


    I emailed you a while back about coming to China and the fixed scene in Beijing. Well now I’ve finally made it to Beijing. Im starting to do some research and I’m hoping to put together a project about cycling in Beijing and would like to start with a series of portraits of fixed gear riders. I was hoping you might be able to put me in touch with some of the other riders and hopefully i can get the project started.

    I’ve just seen you have a shop in Yong He Gong. I might try and head up there and maybe catch you in person