70 Years l’Atelier Industriel de l’Aeronautique

Today was the 70 years anniversary of l’Atelier Industriel de l’Aeronautique. So we went to have a look at the festivity.

70 Years AIA Celebration

70 Years Celebration

They had the helicopter that we say flying yesterday on display


and the AlphaJet


as well as the TransAll which was parked with the Puy de Dome Mountain in the background.

TransAll and Puy de Dome Mountain

But I was happy that they also had also set up a bicycle parcour for children to promote safe cycling.

Bicycle Safety Parcour

We then went on towards the city of Tour. Along the way the kilometer counter of the car went from 99999km to 100000km 🙂

Car at 99999km

Car at 100000

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