Wedding in Tours

Friends had their wedding today in the center of Tours in the main Cathedral.

Cathedral of Tours

The wedding couple greeted all the guests standing outside of the cathedral.

The French Wedding Couple

The inside of the cathedral was very nice.

Interior of Cathedral of Tours

Wedding Guests inside the Tours Cathedral

After the wedding ceremony everybody was talking pictures of the family.

Family of Bride and Groom

Family of Bride and Groom

And then all the wedding guests were wishing them well.

Congratulating the Wedding Couple

I was happy to see there are bike lanes in Tours, but they were very narrow. The bike symbol was all crunched together.

Bike Lane Symbol in Tours

After that we moved on to the Chateau de Vaugrignon for an apperitif with Champagne on the terrace of the chateau.

Chateau de Vaugrignon

There we later had a very nice dinner with excellent food and drinks before the place was turned into a dance floor and we partied until sunrise.

Wedding Couple

Dancing like Crazy

Still Wearing Formal Clothes

Dancing around the Wedding Couple

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