Cycling Japan to China

Today I had a very nice couple come into the Natooke shop. It was Sarah and Roly from Australia that had gone to Tokyo and bought 2 refurbished single speed mama-chari bicycles. Then they cycled all across Japan through all the mountains. They said they had never experienced such polite car drivers. They said they think Japan is the best country in the world to cycle. Then they took the ferry to South Korea and cycled there. The car drivers were not used to cyclists and did not really leave them much space on the roads. Then they came to China and cycled to Beijing and came by chance to my bicycle shop.

Australian Long Distance Mama-Chari Cyclists

This was the last picture of them with their Japanese bicycles as they were on the way to dropping them off to be sold for a good purpose. They will continue their trip through Asia a little bit later and they were considering riding old durable Flying Pigeons. I wish you guys good luck and lots of fun! Keep your love for cycling!

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