PechaKutcha and Bamboo Trick Bike

Following the global discussion platform Beijing hosted its 14th PechaKucha Night. As this one was co-hosted together with the Greening the Beige (GtB) closing event the topics were green.

Greening the Beige organizer Carissa Welton

Samantha Woods spoke about the „Green Long March„, Yinghui Zhang-Carraro spoke about „Natural Living in Beijing“, Julien Chol spoke about „Green is More“, and other similar topics. They were all presented in the PechaKucha style: 20 slides a 20 seconds each automatically changing. The speakers had to get to the point and finish within 6min 40sec.

PechaKucha Beijing Audience

Closing a full week of creative cross-over events, GtB’3 wrapped up its 3rd year of events with a recycled film workshop hosted by Electric Shadows. I had set up to mannequins with my cycling t-shirts, Yakkay helmets and Respro masks.

First Beijing Alleycat T-shirt and Yakkay Helmet

BFF Joyride T-shirt and Yakkay Helmet

There was an eco-fashion show with pieces designed by Beijing local fashion designers WillowWillow and Raffles School of Design.

Eco-Fashion ShowEco-Fashion Show

Eco-Fashion ShowEco-Fashion Show

After that I did the world’s first trick bike performance on a bamboo bike! Zack Jiang had made this special geometry artistic bicycle for me so that I can prove that his bamboo bike frames are built stable and they can withhold very strong forces from various angles. Sure a bike frame made out of bamboo is softer than one made out of ChrMoly or aluminum but it is stable. I was able to do my trick bike performance on it! Congratulations to Zack’s design!

Ines after world’s first trick performance on bamboo bicycle

Ines and the bamboo trick bike by Zack Jiang

Ines and the bamboo Kunstrad

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