Radio Beijing NetFM Talkbox

Radio Beijing NetFM Talkbox was interested to have speakers from the TEDxBeijing event come and talk about their speeches they had done at the TED event. The mountaineer and photographer Stefen Chow and me were invited to talk about our passion for the first 1 hour session that had also been video broadcasted. Of course I talked about cycling and I actually also brought my trick bike. Stefen took some nice pictures during the live session.

Ines on trick bike at NetFM Radio Talkbox

This picture shows the Talkbox moderator June and Sriram who helped organize the TEDxBeijing event and set up this Radio 774 interview.

Talkbox moderator June and TEDxBeijing organizer Sriram

And here a self portrait of Stefen and me.

Stefen Chow and Ines

After the show:

Radio Beijing Talkbox Show

I was transporting my my trick bike on my shoulder while riding my track bike.

Ines with Trick Bike

Ines carrying trick bike on fixed gear bike

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