Amazing Bamboo Fixed Gear Bicycle

Zack Jiang started making bamboo bicycle frames in Beijing. Bamboo agriculture and craftsmanship exists at a level in China that exceeds other countries but its use of bamboo in industry should be recognized. He wants to rewire the cultural acceptance of bamboo from historic uses (brooms, clothing poles and scaffolding) to new forms of product design. He wants to inspires others to rethink about the use of bamboo in design. That is why he made this single speed commuter bike. This bike was designed for urban city commuting on flat roads giving comfort, stability and shock absorption. At a green event in November this bike was up for auction and Wesley was the lucky purchaser. He brought it back to my shop and we converted it to fixed gear with new and better components. It was dark when I took the pictures of the final bike so colors do not come out as nice as they actually are.

Amazing Bamboo Fixed Gear Bicycle

The golden rims and cranks go well with the bamboo frame, the yellow chain goes well with the yellow grips and the dark green velvet seat cover goes well with the matching drank green hubs.

Beautiful Bamboo Fixed Gear Bicycle

3 Responses to “Amazing Bamboo Fixed Gear Bicycle”

  1. Ines sagt:

    Hi Pat,
    Zack also made a bamboo bike in a trick bike qeometry. He made that for me to perform tricks on and show the stability of it: And it was great! I still have the frame


  2. Patrick sagt:

    Hi, bamboo is definitely unique, see examples here for making cargo bikes in Africa: maybe it’s the new carbon…
    Any contact info for the maker of this bike, how has it stood up to the test of time?
    Cheers, Pat.