A Theatrical Triathlon

The Beijing Actors Workshop in Beijing has been holding workshops on playwriting, directing as well as acting. And those three disciplines form the theatrical triathlon which was displayed this weekend at the Beijing International New Short Play Festival. Today they had 5 short plays on stage.

The first one was called „Sex and the forbidden city“ and was about the issues of foreign women in Beijing and how hard it is for them to find a date. I could relate with the four female characters. It is so hard for us strong willed Western women here in Beijing. The Western and Chinese men prefer the fragile Chinese women.

Short Play called “Sex and the forbidden city”

A very interesting but slightly confusing short play was called „lovely country“.

Theatrical Triathlon short play called “lovely country”

Funny was the beijing version of the musical „West Side Story“. The short play was called „Lao Wai Story“ menaing the foreigners in Beijing. It was a fight between the foreign students living in Haidian district of Beijing and the foreign Expats living in Chaoyang district of Beijing. They sang songs of the musical with altered funny lyrics only understandable to Chinese or the foreigners living in Beijing.

Short play “Lao Wai Story” - Beijing version of “West Side Story”

This was the last time for Anna Grace to be on stage in Beijing for a while. She is moving to New York city. So this was her goodbye performance. I hope she will be back to Beijing with many new ideas and inspiration.

Anna Grace goodbye performance in Beijing

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