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TaipeiCycle Exhibition

Mittwoch, März 7th, 2012

I just arrived in Taiwan yesterday and was at the TaipeiCycle 2012 Exhibition today.

VIP Exhibition Badge for Ines Brunn

The organizers of the 25th TaipeiCycle had invited me over here to perform every day. That is why I have a VIP badge. The performance schedule is printed in the Visitor’s Guide as well as in the Show Daily magazine:

TaipeiCycle 2012 Show Daily Magazine

I perform every day at the South entrance at 11:30am and/or 14:30pm:

Ines Brunn performs at TaipeiCycle 2012

After the performance I was walking around today. There were some nice new designs, like this neat and easy detachable fender:

Fender Design

Also I saw the SRAM automatic hub. I would like to try how an automatically shifting bike rides. And a small gadget was the iPhone hoister and amplifier for playing music while riding.

Automanic Hub and iPhone holder

I was happy to see that the bike trailer T2 designed by my Taiwanese bike polo friend Mark Chou received a design award at the exhibition. Congratulations Mark and the freeparable team with their dead old monkey (dom)!

DOM Bike Trailer T2

Another design which I likes was the brake that is integrated into the fork (for front brake) and the frame 9for rear brake). I bet that will help ride a little bit faster. Hope my next road bike will have that kind of brake.

Integrated Brake

After the exhibition closed the organizers invited for the TaipeiCycle night and 25th anniversary party. I was so happy to attend this party that was on the same day as the Natooke 3 year anniversary. Happy Birthday Natooke!

TaipeiCycle night and 25th anniversary party

Gala of the Israeli Juggling Convention

Samstag, April 23rd, 2011

I was invited to the 18th Israeli Juggling Convention to perform at the International Gala Show. Here are some pictures that a cool photographer named Oren Ziv took. I copied 3 really nice ones from Oren Ziv:

Ines Brunn performing at the Israeli Juggling Convention

Ines Brunn doing a Headstand on the Bicycle

I really like this picture that Oren Ziv took in the most perfect moment of me doing my special jump off the bike.

Ines Brunn doing a Jump off the Bike

I have my own pictures of the group of international performers after the show. We were Florent Lestage (who had performed with me at the European Juggling Convention in Vittoria), Eric, Hans van Wynsberghe, Joris Verbeeren, Stefan and Cristiana Sing, Matt Hall and me.

International Performers at the 2011 Israeli Juggling Convention Gala Show

An Inspiring Ride with Ines Brunn

Montag, März 28th, 2011

My friend Berta had worked for a while on getting enough footage with her Canon 5D Mark II digotal SLR for this video project. She accompanied me to different performances and had to cope with bad lighting and strange strange backdrops. But I think it came out really nice.

Here is the beautiful video on vimeo and on youtube.

The best thing about it is the music to it that was all played by Zac Courtney with his drum sticks hitting my trick bike and nothing else.

Zac Playing on Trickbike

Zac and Berta during the Filming

And here some websites and blogs that featured it:
Locked Cog
Fixed Gear Hungary
Takeover LA
Pedal Consumption
Froots Fukuoka
Mad Motion Track

Jiangsu TV Show with Ines Brunn

Sonntag, Februar 13th, 2011

I went to Nanjing in January for the JiangsuTV station. Today the show was broadcasted. Here is the link to the video of the TV show. I appear starting at 16 min being interviewed by the two TV show hosts Li Ai and Peng Yu.

Li Ai and Peng Yu and Ines Brunn

Jiangsu TV Show

Well yes, the interview is all in Chinese. But I do bicycle tricks starting at 29 min and that needs no knowledge of Chinese to understand it.

Ines Brunn Performing at Jiangsu TV

Lao Zhou on Pro-China Documentary by Chinese Government

Mittwoch, Januar 26th, 2011

There is a short documentary about China and its people and guess who is inside? Our cyclist friend Lao Zhou that also rides unicycle, is a crazy juggler and performs with us. For our 2010 Sunday entertainment program for the Sanlitun Village Mall he dressed up as a clown and juggled. He looks like this (Lao Zhou is on the left side, Lao Sun (72 years old) is on the right side, I am the tall girl in the center):

Lao Zhou perfoming with us

I found some information of how important this documentary is on the following website: It says:

Last week we saw New York’s Time Square taken over with that 60 second pro-China advertisement courtesy of the Chinese Government. Even now it is still playing at various times every hour on the big screens in the heart of NYC.

A week later, the next stage of the Chinese Government’s campaign to revamp the image of China in the West has rolled out with a 15 minute (well technically 18min) documentary promoting the wonders of China and its people from various “perspectives”. The documentary will be sent out to embassies and consulates around the world. It will also be played at various events promoting Chinese tourism. The documentary is titled “角度篇” (Jiǎodù piān) or in English “Perspectives” and you can watch it on

Watch out for the guy in the yellow clown costume juggling at about 9:40. That is our good friend Lao Zhou! Great to have him in such an important movie, even though it is only 2 sec long.  老周在各个视频里:九分钟四十秒钟!

Videos and Article of Natooke@Bike Boy Event

Montag, Januar 17th, 2011

On December 10th 2010 we decorated the LiNing and YOHO fixed gear event called „Bike Boy“ with our Natooke parts.

Here is a video of the fixed gear event Bike Boy and Natooke that was on Chinese MTV. Only the first 2 min are really about the event where we provided all the bikes and fixie parts as decoration. Also you see me a few times doing some tricks outside on my fixed gear bike the day before the event as well at the event.

Here is another TV clip of the Fixed Gear event.

There is also a online newspaper article about the event with pictures of Natooe fixed gear bike parts and me doing bicycle tricks on my track bike:

李宁2010 Fixed Gear产品系列新品发布

体育用品网|  [2011-01-13]

国际知名运动品牌李宁与国内首席潮流媒体YOHO!潮流志共同联手,在北京竞园艺术中心为走在时尚尖端的潮人们带来了2010年度最刺激的Fixed Gear主题派对—LININGxYOHO! Bike Boy Game。

李宁2010 Fixed Gear产品系列新品

2010年12月10日晚,国际知名运动品牌李宁与国内首席潮流媒体YOHO!潮流志共同联手,在北京竞园艺术中心为走在时尚尖端的潮人们带来了2010年度最刺激的Fixed Gear主题派对—LININGxYOHO! Bike Boy Game。

而今作为国际运动品牌巨头的李宁,不仅一直专注于在专业运动产品的发展,近几年也快速发展潮流系列产品。当晚PARTY以解读Fixed Gear的文化作为活动主题,将全场氛围营造成了一个Fixed Gear的主题俱乐部,而派对中最大亮点莫过于国内运动品牌巨头李宁的全新Bike Boy产品系列——此产品系列2011年春正式投放市场,该系列产品以亮丽,时尚图案和色彩、舒适的运动面料为主要特点,被热爱潮人运动的年轻人所追捧并 为国内的自行车爱好者们提供炫酷产品。此外,PARTY现场更吸引了国内众多的知名Fixed Gear玩家的参与,其中更是包括北京NATOOKE团队,台湾Nabiis团队,香港HK FIxed团队,广州FAVOR团队,杭州WHM团队,,深圳B&J团队。而他们精湛帅酷的单车技巧动作,也成为了当晚活动的一大亮点,加之国际 一流搓盘高手DJ WORDY的现场音乐助兴,当红潮流艺人柯有伦的到场力挺,以及MC孔令奇和滑板黑社会创始人RAPH的现场RAP表演更是让当晚活动热到爆棚。

李宁2010 Fixed Gear产品系列新品

Fixed Gear Bike来自New York Old School单车文化,最初由Messenger快递工作者而发起的快速单车文化,在日本原宿流行后,就开始快速在全世界蔓延,成为街头文化的代 表,Fixed Gear Bike运动和Fixed Gear Bike造型开始大受欢迎。

国际知名运动品牌李宁与国内首席潮流媒体YOHO!潮流志共同联手,在北京竞园艺术中心为走在时尚尖端的潮人们带来了2010年度最刺激的Fixed Gear主题派对—LININGxYOHO! Bike Boy Game。

李宁2010 Fixed Gear产品系列新品

当晚的派对于晚上七点钟开始,一开场的街舞表演就给在场的观众一次视觉的和听觉冲击,节奏感强烈的伴奏音乐以及舞者力度俱佳的热辣表演立刻点燃了观众的热情。接下来的李宁品牌与 涂鸦艺术家们跨界合作Fixed Gear涂鸦自行车的展示环节中,每一件涂鸦艺术品的独特创意和完美的图案设计都让在场观众赞叹不已,在李宁Bike Boy系列产品的展示环节中,更是大胆的启用了由潮人们自编自导的一场特别fashion show,让人耳目一新的同时更加表现出了产品别样的酷帅风格。 各路Fixed Gear行侠高超的技艺表演, 加上DJ WOODY劲爆的音乐和主持人孔令奇、raph的即兴RAP解说,让现场气氛几近沸腾。而在随后的PARTY中,Fixed Gear玩家们更是尽兴的在场地中玩乐,让现场变成了一个Fixed Gear的天堂,伴随着动感的音乐,当晚的活动一直持续到深夜。

Jiangsu TV Show with Li Ai and Peng Yu

Dienstag, Januar 11th, 2011

Jiangsu TV station invited me to go to Nanjing to perform my bike tricks for a TV show. The hosts of the show were Li Ai (李艾) and Peng Yu (彭宇).

Ines Brunn with Li Ai and Peng Yu

The show was recorded and will be broad casted next month. I am looking forward to watching it. Here is a picture of the talented host Li Ai and me after the show:

Li Ai and Ines after the TV show recording

My friend Berta Tilmantaite from Lithuania who is studying photo journalism came with me to film my tricks for her short film project. You can see some of her work on her vimeo channel. She also took some amazing pictures. I only saw a few of them but as always I love how she captures the atmosphere extremely well.

This following picture is me falling asleep after receiving the show outline in Chinese late at night and then trying to translate and understand what I need to do or say on the TV show which took me till 2am and then having to get up at 5am for the early morning flight to Nanjing. And when we arrived at the TV station studio somehow nobody took care of us so I just fell asleep in the make up room. Even the make up girls on the other side were bored too.

Pre-Show Atmosphere

And this is me after a hectic „there is no time for you to get any food for lunch“ and „get your make up on quickly“ concentrating and trying out what kind of tricks I can do on my bicycle in the TV studio before the show started.

Concentrated Practice

Sea Port Performance and the Beach

Samstag, November 20th, 2010

Today I met the organizers of the Bikes 2010 exhibition which is going to be held here in Tel Aviv.

My Trick Bike and the Exhibition Organizers

They had organized many volunteers and camera men like Aviram to make it possible for me to do some performances at the Tel Avis Sea Port which gets quite a lot of visitors on a Saturday.

Aviram filming my Bike

It was a nice feeling to perform on the side of the ocean. And the weather was amazing: Sunny and warm. I did 3 times a show to attract people to come to the bicycle exhibition starting in a few days. Here are two of the many pictures taken by others.

Ines Brunn at Tel Aviv Sea Port

Headstand on Fixed Gear Bike by Ines

There are many pictures on facebook as that seems widely used here in Israel.

Some people of the Tel Aviv fixed gear bike group came to meet me.

Tel Aviv fixed gear group

Arnon tried my trick bike which seems way to small for him.

Arnon Fisher on Trick Bike

Then I went back to the hotel to rest as I was feeling the jetlag. But there was no time to rest as I received a call from a guy called Eli saying that Arnon is worried because he cannot take care of me today so he asked his good friend Eli to do that. And Eli happened to be on a nearby beach chilling. So Eli said I should come out and look for 2 handsome guys with a cute black dog. And so I did. It was easy to find them. I was happy to see that you could just park your bike on the beach.

Bikes on Tel Aviv Beach

I was hoping to be able to go for a swim, but as it was already after 3:30pm the sun was about to set and it was getting chilly. After Soraya came we decided to have a late lunch as most Israelis do on a Saturday. But I did not have a bike. So Eli suggested that I can sit on the top tube of his fixed gear bike as he anyway is used to carrying his cute dog on the back of it.

Eli and his dog ready for me to get on the bike

The first try we fell to the left side. So I decided to sit on the top tube facing the other direction. Then we fell to the right side. The dog was getting confused why we were doing this. Maybe it was the lack of my balance or maybe it was the jetlag. Or maybe 2 people and a dog on one fixed gear bike is too much. Ronen said it is because Eli just never took a women on his bike. So he then showed him how easy it is to ride with me sitting on his top tube of his mountain bike. I think the dog was also happy that I was on the other bike.

Eli with his happy Dog on his Bike

We then had dinner at the Cantina on Rothschild promenade. After a lot of food I was dead tired and walked back to my hotel. What a nice day.

The Chi of Shaolin – The Tale of a Dragon

Sonntag, November 14th, 2010

My friend Elyse Ribbons who runs the Cheeky Monkey productions knows Zhao Yan Yan who was a gold medal Chinese acrobat. Her father was one of China’s bike acrobats. Yan Yan now runs a company producing shows with Chinese artists for the USA market. The newest show is called „The Chi of Shaolin – The Tale of a Dragon“ which she is producing together with Guy Caron who was the Director of Creation for Cirque Du Soleil’s productions of KA and Dralion.

The Chi of Shaolin - The Tale of a Dragon Poster

Elyse was invited to a special rehearsal performance for Guy Caron who had just flown in to see the progress of the rehearsals. As Elyse and I are foreigners we were picked up by a car with tainted windows and brought to the rehearsal theater. We were about 20 people there to watch and we had chairs on the stage just 1 meter away from all the action.

Shaolin Monks

The men were all trained in Shaolin temples with amazing kungfu abilities.

Shaolin Acrobats

The girls are from circus schools with the traditional acrobatic skills.

Foot Juggling

For example the juggling with the feet or the traditional synchronized diabolo routine. I liked the foot juggling and spinning of cloth with the costumes and colors.

Cloth spinning with feet and hands

The group of 8 Shaolin guys and 5 acrobat girls have 1 more week of rehearsals before they head out to Reno Nevada USA for shows. I wish them good luck! Here is a picture of them with Yan Yan and Guy.

The Shaolin Acrobats Group

Vote for me to be on the 2011 Spring Festival Global Gala

Dienstag, November 9th, 2010

Beijing TV has arranged various auditions in search for performers for the 2011 Spring Festival Global Gala. Yu Changqing and I had applied and made it through the first 2 rounds of auditions with our bike tricks.

Ines Brunn and Yu Changqing for BTV Global Gala

Now we need your help to vote for us. So please vote for us (德国选手:伊泉 中国选手:郁长清 表演自行车特技):

I am in the 2nd row, the 2nd picture from the left. To vote click the small box below the picture of me on my bike. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click before 匿名 (it is on the far right side) for
voting anonymously. Then you have to enter the 5 digit verification number and then just click on 提交.

If you get a window saying „投票成功!!!“ your vote has been successful. But it seems you need Internet Explorer (IE) for that, it does not work for me with firefox browser. 🙂 Thanks.

Ines Brunn and Yu Changqing for BTV Spring Festival Global Gala

Yu and Ines on BTV Website