Beijing Fixed Gear Ride North

Again a cold winter day and only foreigners came for the Beijing fixed gear bicycle ride out North of the city. Now the rivers like here at the North 5th rind road are starting to freeze.

Beijing Fixed Gear Group at North 5th Ring Road

We cycled along empty roads. Beijing is vast and not as crowded as many people outside of China imagine it to be. In many places it is actually quite quiet.

Cycling on empty Beijing roads

We then went into a park along the Qinghe River and stopped for snacks (longevity nuts and homemade bread and youzi) in a pavilion.

Snack break in a pavilion

Then we cycled around the huge and empty park.

Shannon fixed gear cycling in park

Katiushka and her bike in park

Ricky and his fixed gear bike in park

Of course the cold weather made us a bit cold and we were sharing our thoughts on best ways to keep the finger and toes warm. Shannon explained his multi layered plastic bag inside and outside of the sock approach to keep the feet warm. I might try that next time.

Explaining the use of plastic bags for warm feet in winter cycling

Then we cycled on to „Leisure Square“. I uploaded my pictures to a webalbum.

Cycling on “Leisure Square” in Beijing

Abandoned Building on Leisure Square in Beijing

Nico and Katiushka took some really nice pictures again. Here are two of their pictures of me balancing a track stand on the concrete structure of the abandoned building.

Ines Track Standing on Fixed Gear Bike

Ines Track Standing on Concrete Structure

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