Natooke Fixed Gear Bike for Julien

By lunch Julien and I had finished putting together his flashy fixed gear bicycle.

Julien’s flashy fixed gear bike

We took the bike outside of the Natooke bike shop and Julien did the first virgin ride to make sure that everything is fine, like the height of the saddle.

Virgin fixed gear bike ride outside Natooke Shop

And then the bike had to undergo the typical photo shoot in our hutong (= traditional old Beijing alley with grey brick houses with wooden pillars).

Colorful Natooke Fixed Gear Bicycle

Unfortunately I did not have a 26.8mm seat post in black color. Other than the seat post I think this bike looks rad! And off he rode with a big smile.

Julien getting on to his fixed gear bike

Julien riding his first Natooke fixed gear bike

3 Responses to “Natooke Fixed Gear Bike for Julien”

  1. Julien sagt:

    Yeah, it’s pretty cool: it looks nice and it is so smooth to ride!


  2. erika sagt:

    hi saw this bike close to the today art museum!!!!
    cool stuff!