„Life is Tough“ Photography Exhibition

My fixed gear bike friend and photographer Nie Zheng had the opening of a photography exhibition today.

Beijing Photographer Nie Zheng

The exhibition was organized by Source. Nie Zheng had taken pictures over a period of 40 days of people in Beijing under the theme „Life is Tough“. Like a Chinese lady working very hard in a magazine as an editor for over 7 years, a Japanese guy opening an Italian restaurant, Taiwanese opening a Taiwanese snack bar in Beijing, old Chiense people doing the early morning exercise in the Temple of Heaven, a stray cat, a Japanese guy that has a barber shop in Beijing and has been cutting hair for over 11 years every day for 12 hours, Chinese street construction workers.

“Life is Tough” Photography Exhibition by Nie Zheng

I am a foreigner in Beijing who was a competitive athlete for 20 years and opened a bicycle shop in the traditional heart of the capital of the Bicycle Kingdom. So he had also taken a a picture of me riding my huge 36 inch unicycle the day we had put together the tall bike. That picture is on the bottom left side of this picture and he had given me a print that I will hang in my bike shop.

Ines Riding Unicycle left of the Tall Bike in front of Natooke

He invited me to come over before this exhibition opening when the media and press were there for a short interview.

Nie Zheng, friend and Ines after the Interview

Nie Zheng was then requested to sign the huge wall.

Photographer Nie Zheng signing the wall for Opening

We then went for a huge and delicious dinner and came back to Source just for the official opening of the exhibition to the public.

“Life is Tough” Exhibition Opening in Beijing

Then there was some introduction and question to the photographers before the short movie about their work was presented to the public. You can see Nie Zheng riding around Beijing on his fixed gear bicycle and also my bike and juggling shop in that movie 🙂

Interviewing the Photographers

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