Snow and Indoor Bike Race

My cycling friends Shannon and Ricky decided to go to the indoor bike roller race with me. We were not so happy about the 8:30am registration and start but last night we said let us do it. When I looked out of the window this morning I was astonished to see it had snowed. I had not expected that.

Beijing in White Snow

There were still quite some people on their bikes cycling through the city.

Girls Cycling in Snowy Beijing

But it is amazing to see how fast the nice white snow turns black due to the Beijing dust.

Beijing Dirt Turns Fresh White Snow into Black Slush

Whenever there was still some white snow left we cycled on it as the black slush was splashing up our butt and backs.

Cycling in Snowy Beijing without Fenders

My bike got covered with black slush and covered with snow.

My Bike Brake Covered in Snow

My messenger bag got slashed by the Beijing street dirt.

My Chrome Messenger Bag Covered with Dirt

When we arrived at the BJ Golden bike shop there were only 3 cyclists: Shannon, Ricky and me. And the guy with the software for controlling the bike trainer had not arrived yet. The Shimano guys started setting up the indoor bike race system. The competition was on an ELITE RealAXIOM roller with a virtual route of 2 km with an uphill slope.

Shimano Bike ELITE RealAXIOM Roller Race

Within the next few hours a few other cyclists showed up. Most of them were China cycling champions and China ex-National Team members. So we did the competition. One person at a time on the bike that was mounted on the bike roller that was connected to a computer running a virtual bike race course. The computer would adjust the resistance of the bike roller to simulate the steepness of the uphill. You could watch the 2km route on the computer as well as your current time and speed and how much distance was still left. Someone had to hold the bike handlebars to avoid too much rocking.

Ines during Shimano Bike Roller Race

Ines Coping at the End of the 2 Minute Uphill Sprint

That was the most exhausting thing I have ever done. After that 2 minute uphill sprint at an average speed of 54.1km/hour my throat, airway and top part of my lungs were burning! And my legs had no more strength left. I could hardly stand. And the burning in my throat and airway as well as a resulting cough stayed till later in the afternoon. Wow I wish I could do a 2:19 minute long uphill sprint at that speed in a real bicycle race…

Taking not only the time but also the average power into account it seems I finished 4th. What a surprise!

Shimano Bike Trainer Race Winners

I uploaded many more pictures of this event to a new webalbum. After the race the BJ Golden shop owner Yang Yang invited us for a lunch. We went to a nearby hot pot restaurant. We had delicious food and cool Yang Yang was happy to drink many bottles of beer with Shannon and Ricky.

Yang Yang drinking Beer With Friends

It was a great Saturday activity and I finally arrived home at 5pm still feeling the effects of the short but extremely intense race

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  1. Ines sagt:

    Yes for sure you can link my blog entry to your BBS. The race was great
    fun. And very nice to meet all of the BJ Golden bike people 🙂

  2. lovefool sagt:

    i’m the moderator of BJ Golden Bike BBS. Thank u 4 ur photos. May I link ur post to our BBS? Thanks! And welcome u to join our club and ride together on every saturday.