Tianjin Fixie

My friend Mike from Tianjin that rides fixed gear had a day off and came to Beijing by train to ride around the city. He just recently had an article about him riding a fixed gear bicycle in the Tianjin Plus Magazine in their January edition. Unfortunately I was too busy to go on a ride with him around Beijing.

Mike’s Fixed Gear Bike

The new blue Luma headset he bought matches his bike perfectly. The Chinese Beijing fixed gear riders were having a small dinner at a restaurant (Kuan Dian) of one of our riders.

Beijing Fixed Gear Dinner

The most unusual dish was the frozen green mango. It tasted like artificial fruit in bright green color.

Green Mango Dish

Jiming and 3 guys are soon going to head out to Japan to ride fixed gear bikes there. They want to film it. I am looking forward to see how that goes.

Jiming Fixed Gear Rider

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    Alles okay, nur viel los und wenig Zeit fuer emails oder blog. Aber ich arbeite daran

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    Kein Updates? alles fit?