Ines Brunn TED Speech on The Beijinger blog

Today I met with Shannon to discuss our route for the upcoming STC Friday Night bike ride. As we were looking for a suitable Chinese restaurant to have a dinner after that ride we opened „the Beijinger“ website to look through their restaurant listings. And guess what: A picture of me is on their blog. I had to smile 🙂 It is about the TEDxBeijing and they linked to my TED talk on bicycle culture in China.

They wrote: Early this month we did a post on the TEDx Beijing talks appearing as videos online. TED – Technology, Entertainment, Design – is an annual gathering of the world’s leading thinkers that has been described as “the ultimate brain spa.” TEDx is a series of local programs in various cities, and last November saw the first TEDx gathering in Beijing. Since our original post another three new talks have appeared and are now available for viewing.

In the latest videos, “artistic cyclist” Ines Brunn speaks about the perception of bicycles in Beijing, CNN news anchor Kristie Lu Stout talks about her passion for story telling, and Ben Tsiang speaks about his experience at SINA and the motivation and inspiration behind the founding of CNEX cafe and screening centre.

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