Nico’s Flying Banana Fixie Bike

Some weeks ago Nico fell in love with the one frame we had in our Natooke shop. It is this beautiful Flying Banana track bicycle frame with full chrome plated vintage style front fork.

Beautiful Flying Banana Track Frame

The rear drop outs are nicely done.

Flying Banana Rear Drop Outs

And these old school lugs of this chromoly steel frame are classy with the chrome plating. It just gives the frame a vintage look.

Chrome plated lugs on track bike

Traditional Lugs on New Bike

The Beauty of Vintage Lugs on Steel Bike Frames

And the logo is only done in glossy finish on the matt frame.

The Flying Banana Logo on Track Frame

So it was not just Nico, other people coming in the shop really liked this frame. But today was the day, Nico came to change out his current frame to this beautiful one. He kept all his former parts, except for the head set and the stem. So this is how his Flying Banana bike now looks:

Nico’s new Fixed Gear Bicycle

Nico’s Flying Banana Track Bike

And just for the records, this was the second day of the year that we had lunch outside. It is slowly getting warmer and I hope it will not snow again this spring.

Eating Lunch Outside in a Beijing Hutong

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