Saturday at Natooke Bike Store

I actually wanted to go on a nice road bike ride but I had to finish building up 2 bikes in the shop. Cristina and Philippe came to my shop to get the black stems that finally arrived today. But after looking at Cristina’s bike we all agreed that it actually looked better with the silver stem. So we only switched her brake from the right to the left hand side.

Cristina’s Beautiful Fixed Gear Bike

Red Silver and Black Bicycle

Philippe wanted more exchanged, not just the stem and the brake from the left to the right hand side. He changed his style form the drop bar to the aggressively short straight handlebar. I like this style better.

Philippe’s Black Fixie

New Handlebar matches Bike Style

Then a new Beijing fixed gear rider dropped by. I installed carbon looking bar tape on his fixed gear bike. He said that he had donated an old Flying Pigeon bike a few days ago by leaving it unlocked in front of our entrance. I remembered that bike but I had moved it to our neighbors because I thought it might be one of their bikes. Too bad: now it is gone.

Bar Tape for Fixed Gear Bike

Another friend of mine came by on his very interesting vintage Colnago road bike. It has a very strange extra neck extension on the fork. And unfortunately the down tube was broken so it had been welded.

My friend and his Road Bike

Interesting Vintage Colnago Fork Extension

And it is amazing, just 10 days after installing the new shop signs the main one is broken. For another 10 days the company that made the sign had been refusing to drop by. Finally the manager came today and claimed I would need to pay for the repair. I was really upset with him so in the end he said okay he will do it for free. But he did not say when he will do it…

Broken Natooke Shop Sign

We had dinner with friends at a nice Sichuan restaurant. And then we headed over to the 30th birthday party of Peter as well as the 24th birthday party of Anthony. It seems we missed the great dinner that Peter had cooked but we did not miss the birthday cake.

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