Max Flying Banana Fixed Gear Bike

Finally today Max and I worked on building up the fixed gear bike for him. Unfortunately the drop bar he bought required a special stem with 26mm diameter that I did not have. So we temporarily installed a riser bar. He had his wheels built up with one reflective Velocity Deep-V back rim. I really like that rim. Here is how the Flying Banana bicycle of Max looks like without a flash:

Max Flying Banana with Black Rear Rim

And look at the amazing effect when taking a picture with flash. That is the same when the lights of a car shine on the rear rim:

Velocity Reflective Rear Rim on Max Fixed Gear Bike

Here are some more pictures of his beautiful new bike.

Beautiful Green Fixed Gear with Riser Style Handlebar

Front View of Max Fixed Gear Bicycle

This afternoon I was doing some bike tricks on a road bike. Unfortunately the second hand road bike of Benedikt – that is still standing around in my shop – is slightly too big for me and especially too long. So I could just do a limited number of bicycle tricks on it. But it was very interesting as in some moments I was on the rolling bike waiting for the pedal to come to my foot and then had to smile when it occurred to me that the road bike is not fixed gear so the pedals do not revolve by themselves.

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