JisuPK at Bohai or Bust

The Schoolhouse at Mutianyu organization and the China Charity Challenge co-hosted a charity bike event at their Roadhouse near the Great Wall North of Beijing. The event was called „Bohai or Bust„. All of the 100.-RMB registration fee is going to charity to provide a dinner, program and gift packages for the community’s elderly residents of the villages around Bohai and Mutianyu.

Almost 200 hundred people signed up and over half of them came to the meeting point at the TREK shop near Chaoyang Park. The bikes were loaded into 3 trucks and there were 2 huge buses. Unfortunately we encountered some holiday traffic as most companies in China have the coming Monday off.

Charity Ride Beijing Meet Up

In the name of STC Shannon and I had prepared the JisuPK. JisuPK is very fun bicycle event where 2 competitors on bikes attached to stationary rollers race each other in front of a cheering crowd. Typically a race lasts only 30 seconds and the winner is the rider that covers the set distance the quickest. The progress of the race is projected onto a screen so the crowd can get behind their favorite rider. Participants can challenge a friend to a race, race a colleague, race someone from another country, even race their Mum!

Bikes set up for JisuPK

But first everybody set out for their bike rides. There were 4 different proposed routes: 10km, 26km, 60km or for the A riders about 100km. We set out a bit late and as there was a tight schedule the A riders could only do about 85km. But it was still a nice ride. I did not have too much time to take pictures therefore just 2 snapshots from the A ride:

Bike riding over a pass near Mutianyu

This picture I took at the top of Sihai mountain. That is a very great mountain to ride a road bike up.

Sihai Mountain View

Samantha Song came out with us. She did not ride bike but stayed at our Natooke shop booth, even though there were not many people until 1pm.

Natooke Shop Booth at the Bohai or Bust Charity Event

When I arrived back there was a dance exhibition put on by a local troupe of villagers. There was a barbeque going on.

Cyclists after Ride and Food

Then we started the JisuPK. It seems the bike riding in the fresh air and beautiful mountains plus the food made most people very lazy. But we did get some guys to race.

JisuPK at Bohai or Bust Event

Before the JisuPK semi finals for the mens:

JisuPK semi finals for the mens

My friend Anthony is planning a bike ride through South China. He has a website called ride2freedom.org and did a post about this event today.

The buses and trucks actually left for Beijing on time at 4:30. And the traffic back into the city was less bad as expected.

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  1. Anthony sagt:

    A video of the competition can be found here


    Unfortunately only available for viewers outside the GFW.