Beijing Fixed Gear Bike Flat

Today the shop was officially closed but I decided to set the meet up for the Beijing Fixed Gear bike ride to be at Natooke. So I went a little bit in advance and had to help someone with his bike. A few guys came to my shop for the ride and when I called the others that were at the Mess shop they said they do not want to ride but just go to the Place. We decided to go for a ride and started heading out West along the canal.

Bike ride along the canal

But then Richard got a flat tire. Only Roger had tire levers, but the damn outer tire just did not want to go off.

Richard fighting the damn bike tire

I was just about to leave to go back to the Natooke shop to get tire levers and a spare inner tube when Ricky suddenly said that he also has a flat tire.

Second flat tire

I anyway cycled back to the shop and got the tire levers and cycled back to the place along the canal. At this moment they had already gotten the tires off and had patched the tubes. After the repair we decided to meet the other fixed gear riders at the Place but we dropped by my shop where Richard asked to have his back tire changed. So I spent some more time in the shop.With only a few remaining people we cycled to Chaoyang district to the huge screen at the Place to ind that the others were about to leave to go to a nearby bike shop to get a back tire changed.

Ready to leave the Place

Paul was still practicing the no handed track stand on his fixed gear bicycle.

No handed track stand on fixie

But then they decided we could also go to my shop and have it changed there. So I again (for the 4th time today) rode to my shop. I was more busy with the flat tires than riding. But the short ride was still nice in the late afternoon sun.

Beijing Fixed Gear Ride

Riding past construction sites in Beijing

Afternoon sun on fixed gear bicycles

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