Flying Banana for Huang

The Natooke bike shop was quite full today on the first working day after the May holiday. Dongdong came by to gt inspiration for the colors of her bike while others were working on their bike.

Natooke bike and juggling shop

Huang Xiao Dong came together with 2 fixed gear friends to buy a bike. Everbody was helping getting the bike built up as fast as possible.

Huang watching the work on his new bike

He is a BMX rider and chose to have no brake and no cages or strap on the pedals becausehe says he can stop without all that.

Huang without brake nor cages and straps

He had chosen the sunflower yellow steel (chromoly) Flying Banana track bike. I think it looks great in this simplicity and with the matching yelow Oury grips.

Sunflower Flying Banana Steel Track Frame

Beautiful Natooke Flying Banana

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