Beijing Fixed Gear Bike Ride

I am so happy that I had time for a fixed gear bike ride tonight. Because it is seldom that I can just leave the shop at 7:30pm. What a great feeling to ride with the group.

Beijing fixed gear ride

Beijing fixie riders

The route we took was really easy and with not too much traffic. It is nice to ride along the Changan Boulevard towards the West and then along the second ring road over to the Place (Dongdaqiao Lu). Anthony mapped out that route:

Fixed gear ride map

Riding on Changan Boulevard

I am happy to see Chinese girls become regulars on these rides.

Chinese Fixie Girls

We had again some new people that just started riding, so we stopped at the Fuxingmen rainbow to wait for the others.

Beijing fixed at Fuxingmen rainbow

I took some more pictures and uploaded them to a webalbum.

Riding at night in Beijing on Fixed Gear Bicycles

Fixed Gear Bikes at the Place

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