Road Bike Conversion

Elaine came back from the USA and brought back the steel road bike of her best friend. She was so excited to start to convert her bicycle to fixed gear. Of course that means stripping everything off the bike.

Road bike for conversion to fixed gear

After a while Elaine had the blank frame and was still really happy.

Elaine with her road bike frame

But then the problems started. For example with the bottom bracket. Elaine’s mood slowly dampened.

During the day other fixed gear riders came to the shop. For example one Chinese guy that just bought this hand built beautiful Nagasawa frame from Japan and then unfortunately had a crash crushing the tubes near the head tube.

Beautiful Nagasawa Frame

We also finished a Natooke bicycle for a new Chinese fixed gear rider which is a friend of Xiao Shu.

Natooke White Modolo Track Bike

This morning I had an interview from the Chinese magazine called „Villas Life„. They are interested in bikes. Not only fixed gear but also recumbent bikes that are not so popular yet in China.

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