Goldsprints at Ditan Folk Music Festival

Today we packed up all the equipment for the goldsprints bicycle race and loaded it onto our Natooke tricycle.

Beijing Goldsprints Bike Race System on a Tricycle

Jib cycled with us on a unicycle getting even more attention than the foreigner on a tricycle.

Jib on a unicycle in Beijing

It was a beautiful day today to be in the Ditan park of Beijing and set up our stationary bicycle race on my fixed gear bikes. This was already the second day of the annual Folk music festival and Beijing’s best folk rock music bands were playing on this sunny Sunday.

Setting up JisuPK at the Ditan Folk Music festival

This is already the third time that we are organizing a goldsprints event in Beijing. And this is also the third event in all of China as we STC are the first ones to organize these fun bike races in the kingdom of bicycles. We call it JisuPK which means roughly high speed challenge and gets the Chinese interested.

Chinese having fun at the JisuPK race

I have more pictures of today’s goldsprints event here. I was happy to see the Chinese having fun at this despite the fact that it is a bicycle 😉

Fighting hard to be the fastest on the bicycle

Happy JisuPK bike race winner

And it was even better to see Chinese woman race and ride hard and fast. Go girls go!

Chinese Girls riding hard and fast

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