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Goldsprints at Ditan Folk Music Festival

Sonntag, Mai 9th, 2010

Today we packed up all the equipment for the goldsprints bicycle race and loaded it onto our Natooke tricycle.

Beijing Goldsprints Bike Race System on a Tricycle

Jib cycled with us on a unicycle getting even more attention than the foreigner on a tricycle.

Jib on a unicycle in Beijing

It was a beautiful day today to be in the Ditan park of Beijing and set up our stationary bicycle race on my fixed gear bikes. This was already the second day of the annual Folk music festival and Beijing’s best folk rock music bands were playing on this sunny Sunday.

Setting up JisuPK at the Ditan Folk Music festival

This is already the third time that we are organizing a goldsprints event in Beijing. And this is also the third event in all of China as we STC are the first ones to organize these fun bike races in the kingdom of bicycles. We call it JisuPK which means roughly high speed challenge and gets the Chinese interested.

Chinese having fun at the JisuPK race

I have more pictures of today’s goldsprints event here. I was happy to see the Chinese having fun at this despite the fact that it is a bicycle 😉

Fighting hard to be the fastest on the bicycle

Happy JisuPK bike race winner

And it was even better to see Chinese woman race and ride hard and fast. Go girls go!

Chinese Girls riding hard and fast

Over Easy Dance Band Gig

Freitag, Januar 8th, 2010

We went to a small renovated hutong bar near Houhai for a concert of our friends. The Over Easy Dance Band plays foot-stomping rhythm and blues. They claim „If the Rolling Stones knocked up the Scissor Sisters, we’d be the spawn“. The band consists of Jimmy Biala on drums, Matt Forney on electric guitar, Meilan Frame on vocals and flute, Matt Roberts on the doghouse bass. But Jimmy flies forever to the United States in February so this was their last gig.

The Over Easy Dance Band

They played songs from Depeche Mode as well as Tom Waits. I think it is the first time that I heard a band play Tom Waits in China. It was really nice. Too bad the entertaining drummer is leaving Beijing.

Groovy Rhythms and Funny Drummer

Jess Meider Concert

Samstag, November 14th, 2009

The “DiVINE” CD Release Party of Jess was so great! Such a good concert, great performance and nice vibe in the venue with energetic afterparty. Here are some pictures of Jess with Sarah Vossler (background vocals) and Zac Courtney (drums) and other musicians:

Jess Meider “DiVINE” CD Release Concert

Jess Meider and Band

The Italian juggler Federico Moro did a ball juggling performance with up to 5 balls choreographed to a new song of Jess.

Federico Moro Juggling Performance

Federico Moro Juggling 4 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 5 Balls

Federico Moro Juggling 3 Balls

Jess Meider and Band with Marie-Claude

After playing all the new songs that are on the Divine CD then Meiyouwenti Records brought some reggae music with the DJ Oscar who gave us a nice grove for dancing.

Meiyouwenti Records Reggae Music DJ Oscar

Concert Afterparty Dancing

There was a nice article about the concert published in the Global Times. Check it out!

Jess Meider New CD Release Party Tonight!

Samstag, November 14th, 2009

I am so looking forward to this. Jess Meider has just finished her new album and is having a special CD-release concert tonight at Dos Kolegas starting at 10pm. The album is called DiVINE. Her new songs are so beautiful… If you are in Beijing come on out and listen and experience!

Jess Meider DiVINE CD Release Party Beijing

Fixed Gear Bike and Music

Donnerstag, August 13th, 2009

My friend Xiao Lu dropped by the shop today. He had the typical fixed gear injury a few weeks ago: Two of his fingers got squished between the chain and the cog while he was helping a friend fix his flat rear tire. But he was lucky none got really chopped off. He showed me his new fixed gear bike. Unfortunately he cannot really ride it as his fingers need to heal first.

Xiao Lu’s Fixed Gear Bike

In the evening Jess and her 3 band members had again a concert in Yugong Yishan. Jess was playing some of her new songs that her and the band are currently recording for her new upcoming songwriter CD. Fede did some glowball juggling during one of the songs. My small camera is not good enough to take pictures in such low light environments.

Fede Moro Glowball Juggling

Jess Meider and Band at Yugong Yishan

Enchanted Juggling

Montag, Juli 20th, 2009

Tonight we had the weekly Beijing Jugglers meeting in Yugong Yishan. It was special because Jess Meider and Fede Moro practiced their joint performance: Jess playing the guitar and singing her own beautiful „Moon Song“ while Fede has a crystal ball to do contact juggling to the music. It looks just like the moon.

The Moon Song Contact Juggling

Jess Meider and Fede Moro Performance


Samstag, Juli 18th, 2009

Today I went to the Ritan Park rock climbing wall. It was astonishingly empty for a Saturday late afternoon. Maybe this is due to the hot and humid weather. It was great not to have to wait in line to climb a route. And there were hardly any mosquitoes, not like in the past years.

This evening was the Beijing Burners Without Borders event called DESERT DANCE organized by Greening the Beige. It was a mix of art and music to raise environmental awareness. There was a belly dancer

Desert Dance Belly Dancer

Jess Meider played her songwriter songs in unusual positions while Federico performed contact juggling.

Jess Meider Letting Herself Shine

Federico Juggling and Jess Meider The Moon Song

The whole venue was extremely beautiful. It is a privately owned renovated former temple. Really amazing.

Ines at Desert Dance

Concert: Jess Meider and Friends

Mittwoch, Juli 15th, 2009

It is nice to be back in Beijing, meet some of my Beijing friends and have dinner in a Xinjiang restaurant. And it was cool that Jess Meider had a special concert today in the Yugong Yishan club. She was accompanied by Sarah (background vocals) and Zack (bongos) as well as Zacks‘ brother (standing bass) and Marie-Claude (accordion). It was a great mix. And my friend Fede performed during the Moon Song with his crystal ball.

Jess Meider Concert

Contact Juggler Federico Moro

Songwriter Jess Meider and band in Yugong Yishan

Ines back in Beijing

EZ Concert

Samstag, April 11th, 2009

Tonight I met with friends in a small beautifully renovated hutong building in a small alley going off Gulou Dongdajie #66 (near the public toilet). This new bar is called Amilal in Shoubi Hutong. A small Chinese minority band called EZ played some quiet music. They had a 4 stringed guitar, a 2 stringed instrument, a drum, a bell and other instruments. It was a really nice atmosphere.

EZ Band Hutong Concert

Mongolian Yurt and Second Hand Rose

Freitag, Oktober 24th, 2008

If you come to Beijing and want to experience a nice lamb dinner in a Mongolian tent (called yurt) – then go to the restaurant near Dongdan. We went there and had our own little yurt with our own waitress. Each yurt is a luxury tent as they have their own air conditioners. We did not order a full lamb, but really enjoyed the Lamb back. Later even some Mongolian singers came to sing for our guests from overseas.

Mongolian Yurt Restaurant

Afterwards we went to my favorite Chinese band called Second Hand Rose Band. In Chinese their name is 二手玫瑰. They played again in the Get Lucky bar. We arrived late but there were still 2 pre-bands playing. I was confused to see the Second Hand Rose lead singer with almost no hair and not wearing a dress nor high heal shoes. Also he was not able to put the typical rose into his hair anymore. I really always loved his outfit as well as the appearance and intensity on stage. That was missing today.