NyK Gookbye Dinner

Today we finished another pink aluminum urban Natooke track bike for a customer. This one for Hao does not look bad either.

Natooke Track Bicycle for Hao

Today was the goodbye dinner for Nico & Katiushka before they leave for their 20 day bicycle Tour de Chine. We had it at in the Dim Sum place near the Ditan Park.

Dim Sum Goodbye Dinner for NyK

As they are going back to New York after their bike ride they distributed their last belongings like this flashy hat/lamp.

Giving last things to friends

Then we went to my shop as Nico still did not have a helmet and I had a huge one that I donated to him. Doesn’t he look really fast with it. And now having a helmet he thinks he can ride bike with one eye closed.

The fast Nico with new Helmet

Katiushka had the feeling her bottom bracket was loose so Nico did the final adjustment with love.

Final Bike repair before the Bike Tour

And then they were as merry as ever.

NyK before their big trip

As I still cannot smell Julien convinced me to drink some beer. So here a unique and never seen before picture:

Ines drinking Beer

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