Elaine’s Conversion and Other Bikes

Yeah, finally! Elaine finished to convert her bicycle to fixed gear.

Elaine with her finished bicycle

That was after a lot of trouble. Especially with the bottom bracket. But with Fede’s great idea we did finally manage to get that fixed. And also things like the seat post that had this very special size of 25.6 mm so that the more typical 25.4 mm would just be too small. The frame is an old steel road bike frame made by the American company Ross. Elaine got it from her good friend in New York City that wanted to throw it away. In memory of her friend and husband she is now calling it the „Hot Sash“. And it is beautiful.

Elaine’s Hot Stash Bicycle

Elaine wrote her own impressions here.

Many customers come to my Natooke shop and are overwhelmed by the fact that they can chose their own colors and parts for their own very unique bike. Dong Dong is one of them but I think she is coming closer to finding what she wants. Here is what she is thinking of because it reminds her of a special tree in Beijing that currently has that green color and such pink blossoms:

Dong Dong Tree Blossom Bike

Today we also finished a bike for Ran. He would have likes a different color frame, but we are out of cheap frames so this pink one was the only option. But I think with the blue and black and white it actually looks more male.

Ran’s Natooke Bike

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