Cycling Through New York on Fixed Gear

What a beautiful day! I took the subway up to West Harlem to meet my friend Jacob.

NYC West Harlem

He gave me his Mission Bicycle fixed gear bike to use during my entire stay.

Mission Bicycle Track Bike

We rode towards the Hudson river to have lunch together at the river shore.

Jacon riding towards the Hudson

We could see the George Washington Bridge and New Jersey on the other side of the Hudson.

George Washington Bridge and Hudson

Then I started cycling South along the nice Hudson bicycle greenway cycling path.

Hudson bicycle greenway cycling path

Cycling along the Hudson in the sunshine

Then I went to the new museum of arts and design (MAD) on the South West corner of Central Park.

museum of arts and design

They were currently curating a bicycle exhibition. They had hand built bicycles displayed.

Bicycle Exhibition

But as it is a museum of design I was expecting some very creative designs like at see at the bicycle trade shows that get design awards. But in the museum they had regular bicycles that were beautifully made.

MAD Bike Exhibition

After that I cycled through Manhattan to the BFF headquarter.

Cycling Through Manhattan

New York city has improved its cycling infrastructure. There are special bicycle lanes painted in green color on many avenues and streets. Like even on Broadway heading down to Times Square.

Bicycle Lane on Broadway

But Brendt and the others from BFF were quite busy with last minute preparations. So I went to a meet an artistic cycling friend at her design studio karlssonwilker. We probably had last seen and spoken over 12 years ago because that is when she had stopped cycling. I did not even know she was living in New York. That is the great thing about social media like facebook.

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  1. Michael sagt:

    Nice weather nice place nice bike!