BFF Meeting and Friends

Another nice day in NYC. Cycling around is fun on such a blue sky day.

Manhattan Cycling

Even though there was quite some traffic with the typical yellow cabs.

Manhattan Traffic Jams

I went to meet my friend from first grade. We said I would come to her office building on 5th Avenue and call her when I arrive. I thought I had her number on my phone, but when I arrived I realized I actually did not. So I asked one of the building officers if they could somehow call my friend. They asked in which company she was working. I did not know the name but I was sure it was a law firm. The officer laughed and said almost all companies in this building were law firms (wow, a lot of Americans seem to need lawers…). Then he said if I knew her name I could maybe find her in teh interactive directory. I tried but I could not find her. I was almost giving up when it suddenly occured to me that after her marriage in 2000 she had a nwe last name. So I found her. The officer just sent me straight up to her office of which there is a view of Central Park.

View of Central Park from the South

It was nice to see Laura again after 3 years. She looks almost the same even though she now has her third child.

Ines and Laura in NYC

Then I went to the BFF head office for a meeting.

BFF Meeting with Brendt Barbur

All the bicycle film festival producers from various US cities as well as other places around the world shared their thoughts, experiences and ideas.

BFF Producers from around the world

I have the joke that when I want chocolate and want to convince my boyfriend it is time to have chocolate I ask if he hears the rattling in the kitchen. That is the chocolate making a fuss. When we go shopping we are sometimes attacked by packets of chocolate donuts that we did not want to buy, but they are the ones attacking us. Well at the BFF meeting while I was sitting on the ground listening to the discussions I got attacked by the paper of a bar of Russian chocolate. And that even twice! And the worst was that I could not eat it as there was nothing inside. Here is a picture of the aggressive chocolate wrapping.

Naughty Chocolate Paper

Lucas Brunelle is often in the BFF head office. He has a helmet camera and films a lot the local cyclists whizzing through traffic, especially during alleycat races. He has produced quite a lot of movies and had a trailer for his new one „Line of Sight“ in the program of the NYC BFF. I did it the Chinese way after the meeting and asked Lucas if we could take a picture together. So here it is:

Lucas Brunelle and Ines Brunn

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