BFF Art and Goldsprints

My friend Brad from Boston, that I had met in Beijing, came down for the festival. We met in the bar where another friend of mine from Beijing now works. Then we went back to the art exhibition as I wanted to actually see some of the bike art.

Bicycle Art Installation

Bicycle Painting at Joyride

Here is the art work done by Jessica Findley called “Aura’s of People Who Love Their Bike”. It was watercolor on 10 x 7″.

Jessica Findley “Aura’s of People Who Love Their Bike”

It has film maker Benny Zenga loves making tall bikes even on a race through Africa.

Benny Zenga’s Bike Aura by Jessica Findley

Film maker and fast urban cyclist Lucas Brunelle

Lucas Brunelle’s Bike Aura by Jessica Findley

Wild and crazy director of the BFF Brendt Barbur

Brendt Barbur’s Bike Aura by Jessica Findley

As well as me 🙂 What a nice surprise! This is my bike aura inspired by my bike tricks.

Ines Brunn’s Bike Aura by Jessica Findley

Then I wanted to watch the first movie screening but that was reserved for people that buy a movie ticket and not the people that bought the complete weekend pass. So some of my friends could not go to this screening, we had to wait for the second one with the same movies.

After the movies we took a picture as we were all people that knew each other from Beijing.

The Friends from Beijing at BFF

Of course there were nice colorful urban bikes parked everywhere.

Single Speed and Fixed Gear Bikes

Colorful Bikes of NYC

The afterparty was with goldsprint races. I was eager to take part and also to see what kind of system they use. There was a good crowd there when we arrived.

Goldsprints Event Crowd

They were actually using exactly the same software system we use in Beijing. The rollers are metal but somehow the fixed gear bikes had to be held by people. That was a bit strange but they took it for granted. Also one bike was losing and when you released pressure from the back tire – like getting out of the saddle – the roller at the sensor did not turn anymore.

Holding the Bikes of the Goldsprints

Brad had taken his wallet and phone out of his pocket for the race. Afterwards they were both gone. Jen made an announcement that whoever found a wallet and phone shoudl bring it to Brad and the guy that found it claimed „he was only holding it“. Unfortunately all teh cash was gone, but at least the rest was still there.

Jacob during the Goldsprints

I was astonished to notice that the goldsprints software allows you to start the race before 0 seconds. So after a few seconds your time appears to be just zero which gives you an advantage of the amount of seconds before zero. That is what they did in the finals (last 4 girls) when Jen was racing a slow girl. Suddenly they both were 2 seconds faster than any of the NYC fit and tough messenger guys. I was amazed to find that nobody found it strange that the girls were suddenly faster. Maybe that is why Jen did not want to race against me like it was originally set up because we had been the 2 fastest of teeh girls, still being about 2 seconds behind the guys. Good lesson learned. Now if I would want to cheat during teh goldsprint races in Beijing I know that I can use the same goldsprints software to do like that and have whoever I want win the races.

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