BFF Street Party in NYC 2010

The bicycle film festival street party in New York was really great this year. Mainly because it was not raining so there were many people hanging out. Also there were quite some booths of local vendors. Like local frame builders that make bikes like this one.

New York Frame Builder

Also Taliah Lempert (who does bicycle paintings and who’s exhibition I had gone 2 days ago) had a booth at the street party.

Taliah Lempert at BFF Street Party

The fixed gear competitions were MC’d by John Prolly that has a famous blog called

John Prolly famous blog

They had ramps built up and there were quite some fixie kids jumping around. One of course was Ed Wonka Laforte that was in Tokyo with me last November.

Ed Wonka Laforte

Jumping around on the ramps was also Kareem Shehab who filmed the Death Pedal movies 1 and 2.

Kareem Shehab

I randomly recorded the fixed gear ramp jumping on a video and will uploaded soon.

Fat Tire Fixie

Then there was the bunny hop contest. It is amazing how high they can jump with the fixed gear bikes.

Fixie Bunny Hop

Ed Wonka Bunny Hopping

Tim or Ted

I did a performance at this street party. It was a good crowd that watched me do my bike tricks.

Headstand on the Bicycle

I did headstand and handstand and all my other tricks like the 180 spin while standing on the handlebar. I uploaded some more pictures on a webalbum.

Handstand on Fixed Gear Bicycle by Ines Brunn

Bike Tricks and Cheering Crowd in NYC

Also it was great to finally meet Tom Mosher that started up the first forum on track tricks. Unfortunately he had an accident and needs to recover before he can re-start hard with tricks.

Tom Mosher and Ines

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