3G Software Industry Event

A friend Zhang Xiang Dong invited me to perform at an event for the 3G industry to share the latest software developments. He was the MC of that event and he thought that my passion and love for bikes is similar to some of the developers passion for the 3G mobile applications they are developing.

Ines Brunn at 3G Event

It was the smallest stage that I have ever performed on. It was just 3x5meters with a big blob coming out of the wall and covered in fake plastic grass which limited the space to about 2.5 meters. Plus it was actually a stage, so it was elevated from the ground with one fragile light box on each side as well as a screen and a projector.

Trick Bike Shop on Small Stage

But luckily I did not fall off the stage, nor brake anything. Of course I could not do all of my bicycle stunts, but enough to fill the 5 minutes and impress the crowd.

Ines Brunn During her Trick Bike Show

More pictures are on my webalbum, just click here. They were done by the chef of the HLQ bar Frank Jiang.

Ines and Frank Jiang

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