Natooke Fixed Gear Bikes

Today was a really busy day at the Natooke shop. We had many people come in. There was a performer from one of the professional artistic groups that also trains a lot on his own juggling skills as a single performer. He does bouncing balls and juggled seven in the shop bouncing them on our piece of marble to test our Italian bouncing balls that we sell.

Professional Juggler bouncing 7 Balls in Natooke

And we also had people buy bikes, like e.g. our Italian bike.

The Italian Bike

The bike is not from Italy, but the colors were chosen like the Italian national colors. Fede had even made the chain in the colors of the Italian flag red-white-green.

Bike Chain in Italian Flag Colors

Italian Fixed Gear Bicycle

Also another two built up bikes were sold. Our ready-made red aluminum fixed gear bike.

Red Fixed Gear Bike

But he changed some things on the bicycle like the handlebar he changed to the straight white one which looks good on this bike.

Straight Handlebar on Fixed Gear Bike

This guy changed the handlebar on this light urban bike.

Black Aluminum Fixed Gear Bike

And he wanted platform pedals with the great Holdfast straps hand made in Brooklyn. They are really comfortable and he chose the special edition version which is really cool.

Holdfast Straps and Platform Pedals

We also were building up this colorful fixed gear Flying Banana today. That is so much more fun than just a black or white bike.

Turquiose Flying Banana Fixie

I really like the front wheel with the white spokes on one side and the black spokes on the other side. It makes it look like just half the spokes are there depending of you eyes focus on the white or on the black.

Cool Fixed Gear Bike by Natooke

And this Flying Banana belongs to a woman! I think Vera looks very good on her new bike. Ride safe girl!

Vera on her Fixed Gear Bicycle

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