Yu Changqing and his Coach

Deshengmen is a great place to meet for doing bike tricks. I met this morning again with my 74 year old friend and we trained together. It is amazing to see how flexible he still is and how much strength and balance he has. As well as the joy you can see in his eyes.

Bike Tricks despite High Age

Performing for the invisible Audience

74 Years old but still Flexible and with Balance

Today Master Wen came who was teaching bike tricks to Yu Changqing. He is 80 years old and even though Master Yu claims Master Wen was better at bike tricks Master Wen says that Master Yu’s father was even better at bike tricks. It seems that both of them had learned from Yu Changqing’s father. Here they both are.

Master Wen and Master Yu

Today we kept on practicing the headstand and the handstand tricks. We did not care too much about the two professional photographers who had been on a bus and seen us doing tricks on a bicycle and then came over to take more pictures. And Master Wen was acting as our coach giving the both of us good advise. E.g. for me to keep my leg slightly bent so it looks like a curve and is more beautiful. Or giving advise how it is easier for me to mount into the handstand. It looked almost like he wanted to show me the complete handstand (he is 80 hears old) but he did not, he just jumped to show me how to get into the handstand more easily. And of course he was right, Coach Wen.

Ines doing a Handstand on the bike

The Handstand trick on a Bike

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