Morning Bike Training

Our early morning meet-ups are getting regular. And this location at Deshengmen is nice as there are not many people coming to stare at us. And it is big enough for safe practicing. Today another guy that used to do bike tricks showed up with his wife. He knows the other guys too. Suzan keeps filming documenting how Yu Changqing is getting back to his passion of bicycle tricks and how slowly the former Beijing bike trick gang is showing up. Somehow it reminds me of the Buena Vista Social Club in Cuba and how the former musicians got back together at old age to follow their passion. I am so happy to be part of this.

Suzan filming the Beijing Bike Trick Gang

The photographers from last tame came back. This time they did not only hide in the bushes, they also stood in the center to take pictures.

Photographers Shooting Bike Tricks

We still trained our typical tricks and did not let us get annoyed by the comments like „you need to start doing your trick over there and then ride really close to this edge of the stone, then we can get a better picture“ as we do not risk our lives for a good photo.

Ines and Yu on a trick bike

Our „shuang pian“ trick is getting better.

Shuang Pian Bike Trick

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