Great to Have Friends

In times when you do not feel well it is extremely great to have friends. And I am lucky to have good Chinese friends that care for me. Yesterday 2 of my friends bought me some „hong tang ma jiang“ which is the sesame paste mixed with brown sugar and is said to be good against diarrhea. Today another Chinese friend gave me a huge pot of home cooked „xiao mi zhou“ (millet porridge) and self made „xiang cai“ (salty fermented vegetable) which is also supposed to be good against diarrhea. Eating those actually helped. I had already given up on Immodium which seemed to have not been helping. Currently my diarrhea stopped (I know you all do not want to hear about this). I am so happy that I have Chinese friends!

2 Responses to “Great to Have Friends”

  1. Duncan Leung sagt:

    Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well! You did look a bit under the weather yesterday. If I had known, I could have passed you some pepto bismol- I carry some around with me in my bag. Though, I guess if it’s some form of food poisoning then it is best to just let your system clear itself out.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!