First Performance Together

It was raining the past few days with really heavy rain lat night. Even the whole morning there was still rain and people were getting worried about our event this evening. But in the end it did stop raining around lunch time and Beijing style it magically dried up till the early evening. I love Beijing for that. So actually Yu Changqing and I were able to perform at the green bike event for the „World No-Car Day“. First I did some bike tricks and then he did some bike tricks. This is the first time that he is performing in the past 2 years.

Yu Changqing in Ditan Park

Unfortunately it was very dark and I had issues to take pictures with my small point and shoot (Why did I lose my nice Canon SLR? In these kind of situations I really want a 5D Mark II).

Blurry Bike Trick Picture

It is getting dark really early these days. I took these pictures at 6:55pm and it was already pitch dark. It seems that winter is coming. Also temperature wise. A few days ago we were still having the fans on in the shop and recently we were talking about the heater. So here is the last picture I took of Yu Changqing’s performance, this time with flash.

Yu Changqing infront of Bike Enthusiasts

And then for the first time ever Chinese Yu Changqing and German Ines Brunn performed together on a trick bike showing the crowd our love for bikes.

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